Update on Folkets Hus

We all miss our house, but hopefully everything will turn out well and we will re-open again at some point, when solutions have fallen in to place. Meanwhile we are doing some stuff to keep the community in Folkets Hus going:
  • The sport-groups from the third floor will continue their activities outside in the park or elsewhere. Keep an eye on the facebookgroups, events and
  • We have arranged  Folkets Brunch in exile on Støberiet Kapelvej 44 every sunday in June (and  also in august, if the situation has not changed)
  • We have  arranged Folkets Cafe some  evenings in june from 18-22 on Støberiet Kapelvej 44. The dates are: wednesday the 7th,  thursday the 22th and wednesday the 28th of june. Come and hear more about the details of the closing and socialize with the other activists. There will be coffee, tea, sodas and beers and the new sports initiative Folkets Cirkus will be outside in the yard providing cirkus tricks and skill sharing for all interested 16-19.
  • Folkets Haus our monthly electronic pre-party will continue to provide sweet electronic tunes, a delicious peoples kitchen, drinks bar and a hot dancefloor for all of us just in new surroundings. The first time the 9th of June, we’ve allied us with BumZen, who have been very generous to us lately with their space. Come and dance and reunite with your local party crew and friends.

And who knows, there might come more events rolling during june. But come and bring your friends and participate in what we arranged so far to support our community and to help show that we are a lot of people who needs our common space back.

Love from Folkets Hus

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